The activities of this stage are almost games, simple and motivating. They create interest and anticipation for what is to come. This stage is recreational and invites them to participate, “to dip their feet” in God’s creation.

  • Participants will walk into nature using sticks, these can be special for hiking or Nordic walking, or improvised with strong poles of wood, bamboo or broomsticks.

    • 20 – 30 minutes
  • The participants will look for different types of stones, of size and taste, with which they will make a welcome decoration. Recommended age: 7 years and up.

    • 30-45 minutes
  • The participants (children, youth and active adults) will lie down on the grass, preferably on a slope. With bodies stiff as logs, and arms extended above their heads, they begin to roll down the slope. They can stop at the desired time. It can be done in an urban or rural environment, as long as the grass does not contain stones or other harmful objects.

    • 5 minutes
  • Each participant will take a moment to remember a tree that has been significant in their life story and draw it. On the drawing, you will write why it was a special tree. Then you will share it with your group and explain which part of the tree you enjoyed the most at that time. Some will say that they studied facing the sea, leaning against a palm tree that gave them shade, which means that they enjoyed the trunk and branches.

    • 20 minutes
  • All players must guess the name of the animal whose sign is taped to its back. To discover out, they can ask the other players for hints, who will only respond with YES or NO. Activity used with permission from
    Sharing Nature Worldwide.

    • 25 to 30 minutes
  • After spreading out around the bounded area, participants will vote on who would serve as “the fire.” The fire will have to run after the others and try to catch them. The rest will run away and shout: “Firewood”. This is a game of chase and when “the fire” catches someone they must be holding hands with him, forming a fire and trapping the rest. It can be done in urban or rural settings, as long as the area is wide and does not contain objects that could harm the participant.

    • 15 to 20 minutes
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