Your Talent Shapes Me!

Marco Antonio Umaña Aguilar
CCIAL/El Salvador

The participants will look for stones of different shapes and then create different faces by painting them according to the shape of the stone, such as figures or emojis. Recommended age: 5 years and up.

    • stones
    • Tempera or water paint (not watercolors)
    • Brushes
    • Water
    • Disposable cups
    • Containers to dilute paints or disposable plates
    • Paper towel for final cleaning
  1. Look for small stones of different shapes, 5-8 maximum.
  2. When they have their stones they will return to the assigned area to carry out the rest of the activity.
  3. Take a brush and paint to paint your stones and draw faces, or animals, or whatever comes to your imagination according to the shape of the stones.
  4. After painting them, leave a few minutes for the paint to dry; Identify your stones.
  5. As the paint dries, each tell why they made the different pictures.
  • In advance, find a place where the participants can be comfortable to paint and where there are many stones.
  • Have the necessary paint and brushes for the participants
  • You should have cleaning supplies, such as a paper towel.
  • Send the participants to look for the necessary stones for the activity (you can assign them a quantity to speed up the activity of 5 stones maximum)
  • You can have some extra stones on hand for those who have a hard time finding them.
  • You should have some time to talk at the end while the paint dries and take the opportunity to listen to their concerns.
  • Then they can take their painted stones home.

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