Wich Animal am I?

Joseph Bharat Cornell
Nevada City, California

Actividad usada con permiso de parte de
Sharing Nature Worldwide.

All players must guess the name of the animal whose sign is taped to its back. To discover out, they can ask the other players for hints, who will only respond with YES or NO. Activity used with permission from
Sharing Nature Worldwide.

Note: materials for a group of 10 participants

  • List with 25 wild animals.
  • A few black thick tip markers.
  • A 2 inches broad roll of duct tape
  1. You have the name of a wild animal written on your back and must guess it.
  2. When you receive the start signal, you will ask each other questions that will allow you to determine the animal as quickly as possible.
  3. You will not ask the same individual two consecutive questions, but will seek responses by shifting people and asking new inquiries.
  4. You can only receive the words YES or NO as an answer.
  5. When you believe you know which animal it is, go to the game’s judge and tell him what you think. If you are correct, you will be given another label with the name of another animal to play with.
  6. The name of the animal that you correctly answered can be placed anywhere on the front of your clothing: chest, stomach, leg, and so on.
  7. You will be able to guess as many animals as the game time allows.
  1. Make a list of the names of wild creatures, preferably those that the participants are familiar with.
  2. Choose a large, flat plot of ground near the forest.
  3. Write these names in large print on pieces of wide tape.
  4. Place a label on the back of each participant at the start of the game so that it is not visible to them.
  5. Make it very clear to the participants that the names written on each other’s backs are not to be revealed.
  6. Tell them that they cannot ask the same person two questions in a succession, but that they must ask one question per person and therefore switch people until they get the name on their card.
  7. Define the person who will be the game’s judge.
  8. Determine an audible cue to begin and terminate this exercise.
  9. If required, ask all participants to store their phones or other electronic devices in a bag that you will keep in a secure location, noting that they will be returned to them at the conclusion of the activity or events.

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