The Witness and the Cartoonist

Zurisadais Quintero Peñaloza
CCI AL/Panamá

Working in pairs, one of the participants describes an object and the other has to draw it just listening to the description. Then all participants corroborate the veracity of their drawing with the object that their partner was describing.

Each couple will need:

  • Pencil
  • White sheet
  • Paper holder (wood/plastic) or cardboard box.


  • Objects (trunk, branches, tinder/fallen leaves, matches, stones, hollyhocks, charcoal)
  • 2 shoe boxes (empty)
  • 2 “evidence” signs
  • 33 feet rope
  1. Form pairs and decide who will be the cartoonist and the witness of the fire.
  2. Sit on the floor, back to back, where the circle is outlined. As a witness you must sit in the inner part of the circle facing the “EVIDENCE” boxes and the cartoonist with your back to the witness.
  3. The facilitator shows the same object, in the evidence box, to each witness and they must memorize as many details of it. The witness can touch the object.
  4. At the start signal, the witnesses begin to describe with synonyms, onomatopoeic sounds, guiding phrases, the qualities of the object, without naming it or saying what it is useful for. Remember to speak quietly.
  5. The cartoonists make a sketch of the object described by the witness.
  6. When finished, the draftsmen show the sketches to see how close it is to the original object.
  7. Repeat the procedure, but swapping roles.
  8. Now, begin… It’s time to have fun!
  • Delimit a circumference, in the area where the activity will be carried out. You can mark the circle with string or lime.
  • Make sure that the chosen area does not contain elements that could be harmful to the participants.
  • Have the materials ready.
  • Place a box, with the word “evidence”, in the center of the circle and with the object inside.
  • Give each artist a piece of cardboard, a pencil and a sheet of paper.
  • When they are in their positions; Take the object, which they must describe, out of the box and show it to the witnesses.
  • When they change position, place the other box with the new object inside.

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