The Pillar of Fire in the Night!

Adriana Carolina Martínez Martínez

Once a campfire has been built, the participants will pause to observe and express their emotions to the group and praise God, recognizing the attributes of God through the characteristics of fire.

21The Lord went before them by day in a pillar of cloud to guide them on the way, and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they might go by day and by night.

22 He did not remove the pillar of cloud from before the people by day, nor the pillar of fire by night.” —Exodus 13:21-22

  1. Take the most comfortable place and position you find around the campfire. (ex. lying down, sitting, kneeling etc).
  2. Remain silent, and carefully observe the fire.
  3. Listen very carefully to the following biblical reading, (Exodus 13:21-22)
  4. Reflect on the biblical reading, (see notes for the director) and if necessary repeat the reading.
  5. Take 2 minutes to reflect alone on the experience of listening to the Bible reading and feeling the light, the heat of the fire at night, and think about the following question:
    • So far how can you experience God’s care through your life?
  6. Share with the rest of the participants the teaching that God puts in your heart.
  7. Each one pray a prayer of praise to God out loud, be creative in praising God.
  8. After everyone has prayed, the director will end with a closing prayer.
  • Define the area where the activity will take place.
  • Check that the delimited area is free of elements that could be dangerous or harmful to the participants.
  • After having made a fire, ask the participants to stay in their places in the most comfortable position they find (eg lying down, sitting, kneeling etc). Around the campfire.
  • Explain to the participants that they will take a short break to think and reflect, after the reading that you will do.
  • Ask them to listen carefully and read Exodus 13:21-22 aloud.
  • Reflect with them

While the people of Israel were wandering around the desert for years, God was always present with them.

Every day, when the sun rose and the heat became unbearable, a cloud covered the town to prevent suffering or damage from the sun. At night, when the moon and stars decorated the sky with their brightness, a column of fire surrounded the camp so that no one would suffer the extreme cold of the desert.

The fire gave the people of Israel three benefits:

  1. light
  2. heat
  3. company.

The presence of God in the life of each one of the followers of Jesus is equal to that pillar of fire.

  • Illuminate life with the light of biblical teaching, helping to guide you and make correct decisions.
  • He protects you all the way, and does not allow you to become a slave again to what displeases God.
  • Accompany each of your steps so as not to stumble or fall into temptation and to enjoy his love at every moment.

During the years that God allows you to live, you can enjoy his love and company. He will always be by your side!

  • All the participants around the campfire will be able to share the teaching that experience light, heat and proximity to the fire brings to their lives, related to the reading they heard.
  • One by one they will make a small prayer of praise to God out loud.
  • End the moment with a prayer of gratitude for this time, and for what God has spoken to the hearts of the participants.
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Martinez, Carolina 2021c. “The pillar of fire in the night!” Collection Of Activities To Explore Nature Ecological Theme Fire. Christian Camping International Latin America.

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