The Altar of Stones

Marco Antonio Umaña Aguilar
CCIAL/El Salvador

Each participant collects a certain amount of stones with which they will build an altar to God to thank him for something of great significance, pray for someone, or praise God for who he is.

  • stones
  • Markers
  • Paintwork
  1. They will have a time of 5 minutes to collect stones around the area, without going beyond the limits.
  2. Then start making an altar the size and shape you want and according to the stones you collected.
  3. At the end of the altar, take some time to thank God for something very special to you, you can mention one of the attributes of God for which you give thanks or have a time to pray for someone who wishes to do so.
  • Find a place where there are enough stones for the participants, without digging, that are accessible. In addition, it should be spacious so that everyone has a place to carry out the activity without intervening or distracting each other.
  • Set a search limit to speed up and take advantage of time.
  • Prepare your altar in advance to have it as an example.
  • Give the indication that each participant keep the necessary distance for each one to make an altar.
  • It gives a brief overview of what an altar is and what it is made for, what they use it for.
  • A possible passage to meditate on is the story of the stones that the Israelites took after crossing the Jordan River to remember what God did for them

“And command them, saying, Take from here in the middle of the Jordan, from the place where the feet of the priests are sure, twelve stones, which you will go over with you, and set them up in the place where you are to spend the night.” — Joshua 4:3

Modification : Before making the altar, each write on the stones an attribute of God for which they want to praise him, or the name of some for whom they wish to pray; then make the altar. At the end they will be able to take their stones as a reminder.
Note: There may be a time of reflection regarding the altar itself, which means, giving an example of altars like the one of the People of Israel when crossing the Jordan and on the other side they made an altar with the stones they collected from the river to have the memory of what God did with them: redemption, ransom, salvation.

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