Sparrows and Swallows

Grover Revollo Escobar

Sparrows and Swallows, a chase game, short and very funny. Participants will be divided into two groups and will seek to catch each other. You will enjoy it so much that you will not want to stop playing!

For the whole group:
  • Three short ropes to delimit the entire playing area. The size of each rope can be between 9 to 18 feet.
  1. Split into two groups! One will be called Sparrows, and the other Swallows.
  2. In the delimited area, half of the field belongs to the Sparrows and the other half to the Swallows.
  3. At the cry of Sparrows! the Sparrows immediately chase the Swallows until they touch their backs. If one of you is touched on the back, you must leave the court until the game restarts.
  4. The same happens if they hear the cry of Golondrinas! in this case, the Golondrinas chase the Sparrows until they manage to touch their backs.
  5. In order not to be overtaken or touched from behind, they must run across the line and reach their nest-safe zone.
  6. Do a test before you start!
  • Look for a flat area within the natural environment for this activity.
  • Check that the area is safe and not dangerous for the participants.
  • Divide the area with the three ropes separated at 10 meters each, in straight lines. The rope in the center will be the place where both groups will be facing each other. The ropes at the ends will be used so that participants can cross and be safe.
  • Divide the group into two, naming one group Swallows, and the other Sparrows. Both groups should stand facing each other in the center line.
  • To the cry of "Swallows! Those who are swallows run to touch the backs of the sparrows. In the meantime, the sparrows, in order not to be touched from behind, run to their refuge, which is in the line behind them (see image below). The same happens if you shout "Sparrows"!
  • Participants who are hit and touched from behind must leave the playing area.
  • Carry out the activity until there are one or two participants per team.
  • Once the activity is over, you can restart the game once again, as long as the participants are willing to continue playing.

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