Run and Collect

Lisa Anderson-Umaña

The “run and collect” (known as plogging in Sweden) is a new sporting modality, which unites the practice of sport with love for the environment: it is about going for a run and picking up the waste that one comes across along the way. The term is the result of the fusion of the popular English word 'running' and the Swedish expression 'plocka upp', which means to pick up."(Palou, 2018) It is modified a bit "plogging" as everyone stands in a straight line, side by side. They are going to walk the entire field, always keeping in a straight line and picking up any trash they find along the way.

  • Plastic bag
  • Sneakers
  1. Position yourselves in a straight line in our open field, side by side. Everyone with a plastic bag in hand.
  2. They will go all over the field, always keeping in a straight line, and pick up any trash they find along the way.
  3. Try to stay in a straight line, without some getting ahead, or others falling behind. Keep the same distance from each other.
  4. At the end of the trajectory, we will have cleaned the entire field!
  • Beforehand, make sure that the area chosen is large enough for participants to run around and stop to pick up any trash they find. Ideally, it can be an area you have just explored, for example.
  • Have enough plastic bags on hand to hold the garbage they find.
  • If the group is very large, divide them into small groups with an assistant to lead and supervise them.

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