Rolling in the Grass

Lisa Anderson-Umaña
CCI AL/Honduras

The participants (children, youth and active adults) will lie down on the grass, preferably on a slope. With bodies stiff as logs, and arms extended above their heads, they begin to roll down the slope. They can stop at the desired time. It can be done in an urban or rural environment, as long as the grass does not contain stones or other harmful objects.

  1. Let’s have a race to see who gets to the bottom first—but rolling!
  2. Lie down on the grass. Make your bodies stiff as logs, and arms extended above your head.
  3. Start rolling down the hill. If you get dizzy, you can stop at any moment and sit down.
  4. See you downhill! On your marks…
  • Check ahead of time that the rolling area does not contain any stones or other potentially harmful objects.
  • Find out in advance if anyone is allergic to wasp or other insect stings, to allow them to opt out.
  • Use a section of grass where there is preferably a slope.

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