Reflection on the Parts of a Tree

Silvia Cristina Umaña Martínez

Participants look for a comfortable and secluded place. There, in prayer, they answer a reflection sheet that invites them to see themselves as one of the parts of a tree.

  • Photocopied Reflection Sheets
  • Pencils
  • Object that will emit sound to call them at the end (it can be a bottle with a spoon, a bell, a whistle, etc.)
  1. Sit in a comfortable position in a circle in this area.
  2. For the next 15 minutes they will fill out a reflection sheet. It is an individual reflection sheet, just between you and God.
  3. Each of you will be able to walk without straying beyond … (mention of the established limits). They may seek to sit apart, with their backs turned, behind a tree; where you prefer.
  4. As you read the reflection sheet, ask God prayerfully about what you will write. Take time to listen quietly to what the Holy Spirit may bring to your mind.
  5. When the 15 minutes are up, they will hear a sound like this (they hear and recognize the sound that will be used) calling them back.
  6. They can stand up now. Come by to collect your reflection sheet and pencil. Walk to the place where you will sit to read, reflect, and write.
  7. Enjoy this time of reflection in the presence of God!
  • Prepare copies of the reflection sheet and have them handy when you begin this activity.
  • The reflection sheet is located after the instructions for participants section. Print it out and make as many photocopies as you need.
  • Choose a comfortable, distraction-free place to sit. Ideally, try to have trees nearby.
  • Remember that you are the facilitator, not a preacher or a teacher. Sit in the group as you give directions, don’t stand in front of them or speak to them from a podium.
  • Before sitting down with them, place the reflection sheets and pencils at two different spots where the group members will be able to pass before heading to their time with God.
  • Prepare, in advance, the sound that you will use to call them at the end of the reflection. The only requirement is that they can be heard from a distance and easily distinguished.
  • Encourage the participants to ask God questions and wait quietly for the answer for a moment.
  • Good facilitation is crucial for the whole group to participate effectively.
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Sheet to reflect, (Umaña Martinez, Silvia, 2021d)

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