Oh No, a Fire!

Zurisadais Quintero Peñaloza
CCI AL/Panamá

After spreading out around the bounded area, participants will vote on who would serve as “the fire.” The fire will have to run after the others and try to catch them. The rest will run away and shout: “Firewood”. This is a game of chase and when “the fire” catches someone they must be holding hands with him, forming a fire and trapping the rest. It can be done in urban or rural settings, as long as the area is wide and does not contain objects that could harm the participant.

  1. Choose the person who represents the “fire”, and place him/her in the center of the demarcated area.
  2. At the facilitator’s signal, “the fire” begins to count to 15, slowly and with eyes closed, the rest of the group is distributed around the delimited area.
  3. At the end of the count, “the fire” shouts FIRE! and starts chasing the rest, who run to avoid being caught.
    Participants who have not been caught, shout “firewood,
    ” as they run.
  4. “The fire” must capture the largest number of participants. When someone is caught automatically transforms into “fire”.
    The captured person join hands with “the fire” and continue the chase.
    As “the fire” catches more people, the chain will get longer.
  5. Continue the game until several players have been turned into “fire.”

Note: For a higher difficulty level. You can do the following variant:

  • When “the fire” catches the first person, split up to chase the rest, individually using the word “FLARE”.
  • If someone who is “fire”, catches another participant, and both shout, ” FRONT” . The “flares” must come together to form a large fire.
  • Demarcate the playing area before you start.
  • This game involves a lot of action, running at full speed and running away from someone who is chasing you.
    Make sure that the chosen area does not contain elements that could be harmful to the participants.
  • Define the group of people to whom the activity is directed (children, young people or adults), to adjust the game to age.
  • Advise participants in advance to wear comfortable clothing for physical activity (to run).
  • Use a preferably flat section of land.
  • Investigate previously if anyone is allergic to insect bites, herbs, dust, etc. not to allow them to participate.

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