Luminous bracelets

Álvaro Javier Cordero Tapia

The participants will make creative figures in movement with the luminous handles, for example: stars, circles, letters, etc.

  • A fluorescent (neon) bracelet for each participant.
  • Optional: a camera to capture photos of the figures created by the participants.
  1. Each participant will receive a fluorescent bracelet.
  2. Rejoin your cabin and your confidant.
  3. Think of a figure that you can create with the handles by moving them quickly in the air, for example: stars, wings, circles etc.
  4. After 10 minutes each team will have the opportunity to show the others the figure they have practiced.
  • You must carry out this activity in an open field, without much light pollution and with a suitable climate to see the starry sky.
  • You should check the site first and make sure it is a suitable place to light a fire.
  • Make sure that the bracelets are safe for the participants and are not made of toxic material.
  • Make sure you have enough fluorescent handcuffs for each participant.
  • Divide the participants by cabins with one confidant per group.
  • Optional: the leaders can take a photo to capture the figures created by the participants, it is important to have an experienced photographer.

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