Let’s Imitate the Flames!

Adriana Carolina Martínez Martínez

Participants will form a circle around a campfire. Everyone will watch the movement of the fire flames and each participant will imitate the movement of the fire using their whole body. It is also worth imitating the sounds.

  • A burning campfire
  1. Form a circle around the campfire.
  2. Observe carefully the movement of the flames of the campfire. It seems that they are dancing, right?
  3. Try to imitate the movement of the flames, using your whole body, including the sounds!
  4. Please, be attentive to the movements of each one, because it is not worth repeating the movements of others.
  5. Start to the left of the facilitator and continue until everyone has passed.
  6. Be very observant and creative!
  • Make sure to check the place before starting the game, and that it is free of dangerous objects such as stones, broken glass, etc.
  • Ask the participants to form a circle around the fire.
  • Give the instructions and then show them with an example what you are indicating, you will have to imitate the movement of a fire.

Martinez, Caroline. 2021b. “Let’s imitate the flames! Stage 1 Awakening Enthusiasm”. Collection Of Activities To Explore Nature Ecological Theme: Fire.

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