Let’s Draw the Campfire

Adriana Carolina Martínez Martínez

The participants will sit around the lit campfire, they will awaken their sense of sight, they will have materials to draw, and paint every detail they observe in the campfire, it could be the firewood, smoke, flames, etc. And at the end, they will show their drawing explaining the small details they found.

  • a burning campfire

For each participant:

  • 1 white or opaline sheet
  • 1 pencil
  • Acrylic paint: white, black, red, yellow and blue (you can use soda caps to give them a small amount of paint)
  • 5 soda caps, or containers per participant
  • 1 disposable cup with clean water
  • 1 paper napkin
  • 1 brush
  1. Take the place that seems most comfortable to you, and where you have a better angle to observe the fire of the campfire.
  2. They can be sitting, kneeling, lying down or standing.
  3. Look at the fire, the campfire, the smoke, the wood, the coals, the ash, all the components of the campfire.
  4. Examine even the small details like colors, shapes, patterns, etc.
  5. Draw and paint what you see around the campfire, add whatever details you like to your artwork. (does not have to be an exact copy).
  6. Once they have finished, remain silent and write under their drawing what has caught their attention.
  7. When everyone is finished, display their artwork in an exhibition.
  8. Everyone will notice the big and small details that a fire has.
  • Make sure that the chosen area is free of stones, branches, thorns, etc. Keep in mind that they will probably want to lie down to paint.
  • Give each participant the materials, a sheet of opaline paper, a pencil, a brush, paints, a glass of clean water, and a paper napkin.
  • Deliver the paint in small vials, or you can use soda caps to avoid wasting it.
  • Ask the participants to observe carefully and encourage them to draw what they observe, seeing every detail of the campfire, do not miss any detail!

Martinez, Caroline. 2021a. “Let’s draw the campfire. Don’t miss any details! Stage 2 Focus attention”. Collection Of Activities To Explore Nature Fire-Ecological Theme.

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