Fruit Salad

Karina Ruth Echavarría de Zara
CCI AL/Argentina

Participants will sit on chairs in a circle. The facilitator will assign them a fruit name, repeating each name more than once. The facilitator will say for example: "I went to the market to buy oranges" and all the oranges have to change places with each other. When it is said: "I went to the market to buy "fruit salad" everyone will change places. In the movement of places, the Facilitator will occupy a chair and whoever is left without a chair continues the game. The person who will be in the center will try to take one of the seats when the others move, thus leaving a new facilitator in the center, who at the mention of another fruit continues the game.

  • One chair per participant.
  1. Welcome to the “World’s Tastiest Fruit Salad”!
  2. You will be the main fruits. For this, form a circle, each one sitting in his chair.
  3. Pay attention to the name of the fruit that the facilitator will give you. Don’t forget!
  4. Once everyone is ready, listen to the name of the fruit mentioned by the facilitator and only they will change places.
  5. Whoever is left without a chair will be the new facilitator and the game will continue.
  6. You can name another fruit and continue the game, or if you say “fruit salad” everyone must move places.
  7. Let the sweet fun begin!
  • Beforehand, make sure you have the correct number of chairs per participant.
  • Due to climatic issues, this activity can take place indoors.
  • Be sure to start with enthusiasm such as: Let’s play together! do you like fruits? What fruit do you prefer? How delicious they are! TRUE?. Interact with them.
  • You can add the figures of the fruits if they are younger children.
  • A variant can be with the participants standing.

Official Mc7. (nd). Icebreaker 01 fruit salad .

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