Feather Rain

Grover Revollo Escobar
CCI AL/Bolivia

Early in the morning, participants will hold a fallen branch or long stick, over 2 meters long. Preferably, this stick should have branches at the top. The stick shall be held vertically. Participants will hold it while seated and cover their bodies with cloths or blankets. Waiting patiently, you will see several birds perching on the branches.

Per Participant:
  • A long stick with branches (Preferably the stick should be longer than 6 ft.).
  • A cloth or blanket
  1. Among all the activities, this is one of the most exciting!
  2. The purpose is that everyone can get to see the birds as close to you as possible. That is, birds posing on the branches.
  3. Each person will be assigned a place to sit and be seated.
  4. Each one will take the stick with branches and also his blanket.
  5. They will cover themselves with the blanket, from head to toe, leaving their faces uncovered.
  6. They will wait patiently.
  7. They may imitate some bird sounds or songs to attract them.
  8. Enjoy this moment patiently!
  • It is necessary to remember that there is greater bird activity during the early morning. Find out the right time in your area.
  • Before applying the activity, as a facilitator, you must practice it and be sure of the details.
  • Choose a site that contains several trees, or open areas where you have seen many birds flying.
  • Perform a demonstration together with the participants. Mention that they will need a lot of patience.
  • Have the materials ready the day before.
  • Be prepared to listen to the exciting experiences of your participants.
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Photo 282843147 © Valio84sl | Available at: Dreamstime.com

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